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History of the Prophet Muhammad SAW


History of the Prophet Muhammad SAW

Again, a forgotten history, as if they never know or may not want to know, this is a history that should never be forgotten, because these are the beginning of creation and end of creation, it began 14 centuries ago in a small town, a city the hot and barren that is filled with worship of wood and stones can not do anything about it and also there are a black box surrounded by œberhala-berhalaâ â € €? which has now been changed shape but has a form of â € œberhalaâ €? the same. It's unthinkable how stupid the human era, is a peninsula called Arabia, misconduct and unlawful, robbery, infanticide, drinking alcohol, which destroyed all the good and moral people of Arabia put this in a remarkable deterioration of the situation. They were divided into tribes (children / people).

I. The birth of the Prophet

At this critical moment there appeared a star on a dark night, the brighter the light makes the night was lit up, he was not an ordinary star, but the star is very unusual, even in the afternoon sun rays showed haripun shame because this is the all-star star being born into the world, is light in the darkness, he is light in the chest, he was known by name of Muhammad, according to historians is the right star is born on 17 Rabia € ™ ul-Awwal (12 Rabia € ™ ul awwal according to Sunni sect) 570 M, the star never extinguished even though 14 centuries after its absence, even he is getting brighter and more light, this star is born from the other 13 stars, which is always a proof for the stars shine more difficult each time. He has a pedigree that relate directly to the champion through his son Ismail AS Tauhid, who was born through the wombs of the pure and preserved deeds mensekutukan God. He is so holy that God ordered the Angels and the Jinn to prostrate to Adam, because the light was taken by Adam to be submitted to the purpose, it is God's plan is so large that the heavens and the earth was not able to bear it.
The birth of the star is filled with extraordinary events, starting with the extinction of the fire incident œabadiâ â € €? in the Persian empire, the collapse of the rock gods there, and the assault force to destroy the KAA bergajah € ™ bah, who later became the mecca for him and his community until the end of time, but a large army is destroyed by birds sent by the owner mecca (KAA € ™ bah), hence this year is called the year of the Elephant. It was a tradition born out of ordinary human beings must also be preceded by an unusual event. Muhammad's name, his father was named Abdullah, his mother Aminah, his parents came from a noble pedigree who is a descendant Jawara Tawheed (Abraham). Abdullah was born into the world just to bring nur Muhammad and œmeletakkannyaâ â € €? into the womb of Aminah, the wife when it contains (2 months) babies who later became a big man. After a long departure of her husband, the wife felt a deep loneliness, though he always sent a letter. But at other times is no longer a letter he received, he was so cheerful heart to see her husband had come home trade group, but he was very surprised because he saw him, there came one of the troupe who delivered the news to Amina, her mouth so hard to say the word â € "This says to this woman, she could not say it, but eventually came out as well that her husband had passed away into the presence of Allah and was buried in Abwa.
So shaken hatinnya listen to this, could not hold back her tears, she cried and could not resist eating a few sad days, but he had a dream, the dream of a woman came and told him that he was keeping the baby in a fetus with either â € "either. He dreamed repeatedly met with the woman who turns out to Maryam bint Imran (Mrs. Isa as). In this noble dream she said: â € œKelak baby is inside your womb will be the most noble human universal highway, then keep it well â € "either by birth.
When this noble father Muhammad dies at the age of 20 years (another history â € "17 years), the star of this we are in the womb of his mother, several years later after her husband's Mother of the star and was buried in Abwa too. Muhammad brought home by Umm Aiman ​​and raised by his grandfather, not to mention the grief disappear after the Mother left, he should lose his grandfather when he was yet another step on eight years. After the departure of his grandfather, the star (Muhammad) was raised by his uncle, Abu Tholib, a son of Abdul Mutholib first declared his faith to his own nephew (Muhammad). Divine guide is always chosen by the Divine to have a profession as a pastor, he waded through this profession for a life time become â € œgembalaâ €? larger sheep, this is a divine choice for him to pick a path where it is important for people who would fight against the lowly-minded people to worship a variety of rocks and trees, making it stronger so that the divine does not give in to anything but his decision. There sirah writer who cites the following words of the Prophet, â € œ All the Prophets had been a shepherd before the post get kerasulan.â €? People asked the Prophet, â €? Have you also been a pastor?  €? He replied, â €? Yes. For a while I was tending sheep in the area of ​​Mecca Qararit.â €?
The star is born not from among the very rich people, not to mention he was born as an orphan, and had lost my father, mother in childhood as a shelter, what can be said by a child who has lost both parents while he was still needed auspices of both parents and their affection. Let us go into the Arabian peninsula furthermore, we can see that the financial condition of Muhammad is quite difficult. Muhammad was known for his spiritual glory, virtue, excellence ahklaq and himself known in the community as the â € œorang jujurâ €? (Al-Amin), he became one of the trusted caravan Khodijah and Khodijah gives twice who gives to others. Quraysh caravan, including merchandise Khodijah, ready contrast, the caravan arrives at its destination. All members of dredge profit. However, the profits from the Prophet more than the other. Caravan returning to Mecca. On the way, the stars pass through the country â € ~ Ad and Thamud. The silence of death that befell the dissidents had called attention to the star.
Caravan near Mecca, Maisarah, said to the Stars, â € œAlangkah good if you enter Mecca before us and told Khodijah about trade and the great advantage that we dapatkan.â €? The Prophet arrived at Mecca while sitting in the room Khodijah it. He ran down and asked the Prophet to his room. The Prophet delivered, with a pleasant, things related merchandise. Tells about the greatness of soul Maisarah Al-Amin during the travel and trade. Maisarah told â € Oedi Busra, Al-Amin sat under a tree to rest. A priest, who was sitting in her convent, happened to see it. He came to me as he asked her name, then he said, â € ~ People who sit in the shade of the tree are the prophets, of whom I've read a lot of good news in the Torah and the Gospel.
Khodijah then tells what he heard from Maisarah to Waraqa bin Nawfal, the Hanif of Arabia. Waraqa said, â € œOrang which has properties that are prophets Arab nation.

II. Marriage

Most historians believe that the present application to the Prophet was Khadijah bint Nafsiah â € ~ Aliyah as follows:
â € œWahai Muhammad! Tell me frankly, what is really a barrier for you to enter the domestic life? I think your age is old enough! Â €? Are you happy to be welcomed if I invite you to the beauty, richness, elegance, and dignity? Â €? The Prophet replied, â €? What do you mean? Â €? He then called Khodijah. The Prophet then said, â €? Is Khodijah ready for it, but my world and his world is much different? Â €? Nafsiah said â € œI won the trust of him, and would make him agree. You need to set a date of marriage to his guardian (â € ~ Amar bin Asad) can assist you and your companion Tolan, and marriage ceremonies and celebrations can be held ".
Then Muhammad talked about this to the noble uncle, Abu Tholib. The great feast was held, the uncle of this noble speech, linking it with gratitude to God. About his nephew, he says this, â € œKeponakan me Muhammad ibn â € ~ Abdullah more mainstream than anyone among the Quraysh. Although not berharta, wealth is a shadow that passes, but their origin and pedigree is permanent ".
Waraqah, Khodijah uncle, appeared and said his remarks, â € œTak no excess of Quraysh who denied you. We are eager to hold the rope nobility Anda.â €? The ceremony was held. Mahar set out forty dinars, some say twenty camels.
The stars are now starting to mature, he has a wife who is so full of his glory, from this marriage Khodijah bear six children, two sons, Qasim and Abdullah, who was called At-Thayyib, and At-Tahir. Three daughters each Ruqayyah, Zainab, Umm Kaltsum, and Fatimah. Both sons died before it was sent to Prophet Muhammad.
When the stars begin to tread the age of 35 years, devastating flood flows from the mountains to the KAA € ™ bah. As a result, none of the houses in Mecca safe from damage. KAA € ™ bah walls were damaged. Quraysh decided to build KAA € ™ bah but were afraid to unpack. Walid bin Mughirah, the first to take a crowbar, breaking down the two pillars of the holy places. He felt scared and nervous. People waiting for the fall of Mecca something, but when it was not the object of anger Walid idols, they were convinced that his action was approved by God. They all joined demolish the building. At the time of the rebuilding of KAA € ™ bah, notified to all parties as follows, â € œDalam redevelopment KAA € ™ bah, who dinafkahkan was lawfully acquired property. Money earned through illicit means or through bribery and extortion, should not be spent for the purpose ini.â €? It appears that this is the teachings of the Prophet, and they know about the wealth acquired illicitly, but why do they still do so, even this happening in this day and age, in Indonesia, the people or the government knows about halal and haraam wealth nor an act of right and wrong, but they are still doing the act was even knew it was wrong.
Let us return to Mecca, when the wall KAA € ™ bah was built within a certain height, it was time for the installation of the Black Stone in its place. At this stage, emerging disputes among tribal leaders. Each tribe felt that no other tribe proper conduct of this noble deed except his own tribe. Because of this, the construction work is delayed five days. Problems reach a critical stage, finally an old man who respected among the Quraysh, Abu Umayyad bin Mughirah Makhzumi, gather the leaders of Quraish and said, â €? Accept the referee the first to go through the door Shafa.â €? (Another book notes chapter as-salam). All approved this idea. Muhammad suddenly appeared at the door. They cried in unison, â € œItu Muhammad, al-Amin. We agreed he was a referee! Â €?
To resolve the dispute, the Prophet asked them to provide a piece of cloth. He put the Black Stone at the top of the cloth with his own hands, then ask each one of the four elders of Mecca held every corner of the cloth. When the Black Stone was appointed to the pillar, the Prophet put it in place with his own hands. In this way, he managed to end the dispute Quraish who almost broke into a bloody event.
God, the Almighty Concepts has made the concept of all this, signs of a star he has been putting out on Muhammad, from his inner noble birth to a beautiful shape. Patience is enshrined in the Bible to be incontrovertible evidence, that he was the perfect man, the outward form (appearance), and thought. Not a speck blemish much less mistakes during his life, a divine concept has really become a human mengonsepnya â € ~ ilahiâ € ™. Al-Amin has been recognized by the people of Mecca, as a noble man, as a manifestation of a form of absolute honesty. Prior to his manifestation to be Prophet, Muhammad always observed sign of the power of God, and studying it in depth, especially observing the beauty, power, and God's creation in all its forms. He always does in-depth study of the heavens, the earth and its contents. He always looked a broken society, and destroyed, he has the task to destroy all forms of idolatry. Something that would make people like this, it returns all of this to God, which he said was probably the same with humans.
Mount Hira, a peak can be achieved approximately half an hour, I was witness to the incident involving œsahabat Kariba â € €? Of his (Muhammad), the cave is a silent witness of the revelation, and as if he wanted to say, â €? ? Hashim is where the first child is living, that you always mention, this is where he was appointed Prophet, this is where Al-Furqan was read the first time, oh man, did I have to say, you are the (human) who did not want menengarkannya, you shut your ears tightly -meeting, and laugh at me, while some of you just makes me a museum sejarah.â € œkata silent witness.

III. Being appointed the Apostle

Hira, where the revelation of God the Supreme Sakti sentence, a sentence that makes the devil to mislead people in despair, with which the sentence of the universe shake. Al-Qura € ™ s, which implies construction of a sentence that has stunned many human beings anywhere in the universe, who acknowledge the truth, would follow, while not acknowledging the truth must be subject to, and for those who refuse, in any way will be in vain, and woe. Gabriel (Ruh al-Qudus) sent by the Lord of the worlds, the owner concept, to convey his words gradually to Al-amin is located in Mount Hiraâ € ™. Al-Amin has been preparing himself for forty years to take on this mammoth task, Gabriel came to him with a few words from his Lord. The first sentence is stated in Al-Qura € ™ s as follows
â € œBacalah by [called] the name of your Lord who created. He has created man from a clot. Read and your Lord is the Most Generous. Who taught [man] by the hand of kalam. He taught man what is not diketahuinyaâ €?.
This verse clearly states on the program of the Prophet, and stated in clear terms that the foundation of religion given by the assessment, knowledge, wisdom, and the use of the pen.
Muhammad, the messenger happy, threats, and commands an exemplary man of all time, he is the man in the form of the Divine, the messenger of God to whom mankind pleaded syafaâ € ™ at. None who attain perfection mahkluq reached Muhammad, since childhood he had shown sincerity, honesty, people who have never lied in her life, who never betrayed promises, and affection to the poor.
Angel Gabriel completed the task convey that revelation, and Muhammad had fallen from the Cave of Hira to the house â € œKhodijahâ €?. Light illuminated the great soul of the Prophet's revelation. He recorded in his heart what he heard from the angel Gabriel. After this incident, Gabriel greeted her, â €? O Muhammad! Thou Prophet of Allah and I Jibrilâ €?. Muhammad received his Lord words gradually, gradually, acknowledges the historical fact that among women, Khodijah was the first woman to embrace Islam, and the first male who embraced Islam was â € ~ Ali.
Muhammad held a banquet meal with relatives, had finished eating, he turned to the elders of his family and start a conversation by praising God and declare His unity. Then he said, â €? Indeed, the guide of a people never lie to his people. I swear by Allah that there is no partner for Him that I am sent by Him as His Prophet, especially to you all, and generally to all the inhabitants of the world. O my relatives! You will all die. After that, as you sleep, you will be revived and will receive a reward according to your charity. The payoff is the paradise of God is eternal (for a straight guy) and His eternal hell (for those who do evil). â € œLalu he added, â € œTak there are people who never bring good to his people than what I bring to you. I bring to you the grace of the world and the Hereafter. My God commanded me to invite you to Him. Who among you who will be supporting me so that he would be a brother, washi (the recipient will), and the caliph (successor) I? Â €?.
When the speech of the Prophet reached this point, total silence engulfing the meeting. â € ~ Ali, fifteen-year-olds, breaking the silence. He rose steadily and said, â €? O Prophet of Allah, I am ready to support Anda.â €? The Prophet told him to sit. The Prophet repeated his words three times, but no one welcomed except â € ~ Ali who kept asking the same response. He then turned to his relatives and said, â €? These young men are brothers, washi, and my caliph amongst you. Listen to his words and follow him ".
Proclamation caliphate (imamate) â € ~ Ali in the early days of his prophethood shows that the two positions are related to one another. When Rosulullah introduced to the public, was also appointed caliph and was introduced on the same day. This in itself suggests that the prophethood and Imamat are the two things are inseparable.
Above events prove spiritual heroism and truth â € ~ Ali. Because, in a meeting where the old people and the experience sink in doubt and astonishment, he expressed his support and dedication to perfect courage and expressed hostility to the enemies of the Prophet without resort to politicians who raise themselves. Despite the time that he was the youngest among those present, a long interaction with the Prophet has set his mind to accept the reality, while the elder people are hesitant to accept it.
After preaching to the relatives, the Prophet preached openly to the Quraysh. Muhammad, armed with patience, confidence, persistence, and perseverance in preaching constantly and ignoring the people who continue to musrik rebuke and taunting. Many are the ways in which the Quraysh to stop Muhammad, Abu Tholib one day sitting with her niece. Spokesman for the group that went to the house of Abu Tholib open conversation by saying, â €? O Abu Tholib! Muhammad scatters our ranks and create discord among us. He humbled us and mocked us and our idols. If he did it because of poverty and kepapaannya, we are ready to give up her treasures abound. If he wants the position, we are ready to accept it as our ruler and we will follow his orders. When he was sick and need treatment, we will bring an expert physician to merawatnyaâ € | â €?.
Abu Tholib turned to the Prophet and said, â € œ The elders you have come to ask you to stop criticizing the idols that they would not interfere Anda.â €? The Prophet replied, â €? I do not want anything from them. Contrary to the four bids, they must receive a word from me, with which they can govern and make the Arabs Ajam as followers mereka.â €? Abu Jahl got up and said, â € œ We are ready to ten times for mendengarnya.â €? The Prophet replied, â €? You must recognize the oneness Tuhan.â €? Unexpected words of the Prophet is like cold water poured into a hot kettle. They were so surprised, disappointed, and desperate that they said in unison, â €? 360 Should we ignore God and worship the one God â €?
Quraish left the house of Abu Tholib face and eyes burning with anger. They continue to think of ways to achieve their goals. In the following paragraphs, it was said,
â € œDan they wonder that a Warner from among themselves, and those who disbelieve say, â € ™ This is a wizard who lie a lot. Has he made the gods One God alone? Surely this is really a very mengherankan.â € ™ And go their leaders [and say], â € ~ Go down and keep [worship] thy gods, actually this is really a matter of choice. We never heard of this in the past religion; this (Oneness of Allah) is nothing but a lie that diada-adakan.â €?
Lots of examples of abuse and torture of Quraish, the prophet Every day a new face persecution. For example, one day Uqbah bin Abu Mua € ™ ith see bertawaf prophet, and tortured him. He traps with his turban of the Prophet's neck and dragged him out of the mosque. Some people come to free the Prophet for fear of the Bani Hashim. And much more. Prophet aware and concerned about the condition of Muslims. Although he has the support and patronage of Hashim, mostly women and slaves followers â € "men and some people are not protected. The leaders of Quraysh persecuted these people constantly, prominent leaders of various tribes tortured their own tribal members who embraced Islam. So when his friends asked for his advice regarding the pilgrimage, the Prophet said, â € œKe Ethiopia will be more steady. Strong and just ruler, and no one is persecuted there. That land is good land and clean, and you should stay there until God helped you.
Shirk forces desperate to destroy the Quraysh Muhammad, then they do the propaganda anti-Muhammad, whom they malign the Prophet, Insisting nicknamed Mad Prophet, the ban on listening to Al-Qura € ™ s, blocking the entry of Islam, so that the words of Allah perpetuate these vile people and demonstrate their misguided words, the Al-Qura € ™ s God said
â € œDemikianlah, no one Prophet has come to the people before them, except to say, â € ™ He is a sorcerer or gila.â € ™ Have they told each other about what was said? Actually they are a people transgressing batas.â €?
The Quraysh also failed to perform a variety of ways to block the efforts of Muhammad, and hinder the people to follow the religion of one God. They also perform the economic blockade that many Muslims, especially women and children starving. Prophet and his followers entered the Syiâ € ™ ib Abu Tholib, who followed his life companion, Khodijah, bringing U.S. and Fatimah. The Quraysh besieged them in Syiâ € ™ ib it for three years. And finally the years of the blockade came to an end. And out of the stars with family and friends of the siege. Allah has set a victory for them, and also managed well Khodijah out in a state of siege and suffering from very severe, he had lived exemplary lives of the Parties for women. Khodijah death is near. God had chosen to accompany Rosulullah alaihi wa., And he has managed to perform the task well. Khodijah died that year. Namely, when the Muslims came out of the blockade of the Quraish, after the tenth year of Prophethood. In the same year, the uncle of Prophet (Abu Tholib) died, the defendant as well as a protector of Muhammad. Indeed the Prophet had a very heavy sadness. He lost Khodijah, and also his uncle who became a protector, and defender. That is why, so this year called â € ~ Am Al-Huzn (Year of Grief). Not only the Prophet who struck him, Fatimah, who has not received his full love and tenderness of a mother caresses, were also bearing them. And crushing grief enveloped in sadness itu.Fatimah lost his mother, separated from the source of love and affection. Most of the time he asked his father, â €? Dad, where are you? Â €? If you have this, burst into tears, tears melted, and the grief hit him. Prophet felt the weight of grief that is borne of her daughter. After the death of Abu Tholib Gentile dare disturb the Quraysh Muhammad, Muhammad eventually emigrate to Yathrib, events of the Pilgrimage of the Prophet to Yathrib, the initial moment of the birth of an Islamic state. Yathrib residents willing to assume responsibility for the safety of the Prophet. In Robiâ € ™ ul-Awwal of the year, as the Pilgrimage of the Prophet happened, no one else left Muslims in Mecca except the Prophet, â € ~ Ali and Abu Bakr, and the few who held the Quraish or from illness, and elderly.
The Quraysh in Mecca finally made a deal to kill Muhammad in the evening, and each tribe has a representative, so that the Bani Hashim could not avenge the death of Muhammad. These people are stupid, they think Muhammad can be destroyed only in this way, as their worldly affairs. Jibril told the Prophet about the plan comes the pagan's cruel. Al-Qura € ™ s referring to the scene with the words,
â € œDan [remember] when the disbelievers (of Quraish) think of the effort to you to catch and put you in jail or kill you or throw you out. They plotted and Allah devised to thwart it. And Allah is the best Nemesis of deceit.
Ali lay through a terrible ordeal for the safety of replacing the Prophet of Islam, since the afternoon. He is not an elderly parent, but a young man who was so brave to die for the Prophet, he, who with Khodijah was the first of the believers to the Prophet, he was the one who was willing to sacrifice for the Prophet, Ali, once again â € ~ Ali. The Prophet said to him, â €? Sleep in my bed tonight and cover your body with a blanket of green that I normally use, because the enemy had conspired to kill me. I had to emigrate to Yathrib. â € ~ Ali occupies the bed of the Prophet since the afternoon. When three-quarters of the night pass, forty men surrounded the house and peeked through a crack prophet. They see the state of the house as usual, and thought that people who were sleeping in the room was a prophet.

IV. Hijra

Now comes the dawn. Great enthusiasm and passion that appear among the polytheists. They are so sure you'll soon succeed. With drawn swords they entered the room of the Prophet, which cause the noise. Concurrent â € ~ Ali raised his head from the pillow and blanket away and said with great tenag, â €? What happened? Â €? They replied, â €? We are looking for Muhammad. Where is he? Â €? â € ™ Ali said, â €? Did you leave him to me so I have to hand it back to you? However, now he was not in rumah.â €? Muhammad had gone far beyond their knowledge.Prophet, arrived at Quba on 12 Rabia € ™ ul-Awwal, and lived in the house of Umm Kulthum ibn al-Hadam. A number of immigrants and were awaiting the arrival of the Prophet Ansor. He stayed there until the weekend. Some people insist that he immediately went to Medina, but he waited for the arrival of â € ~ Ali. Pilgrimage of the Quraysh know â € ~ Ali and his entourage â € "such is Fatimah, daughter of the Prophet, Fatima bint Asad and â € ~ Fatimah bint Hamzah bin Abdul Mutholib â €" therefore, they hunt and face to face with him in the Zajnan . Dispute ensued and Ali said: â € ~ â € œBarangsiapa willed his body mutilated and his blood spilled, go forth! Visible sign of anger in his face. Quraish people who feel that the problem has become serious, take a peaceful stance and turned pulang.â €? When â € ~ Ali arrived in Quba, his feet bleeding, due to travel on foot Mecca Medina. The Prophet told that, â € ~ Ali had arrived but could not face him. Soon the prophet to the â € ~ Ali and embraced. When looking at the foot of â € ~ Ali swell, tears dripping Prophet ".
Yathrib population â € "which later changed into the name of Medina - the coming of the Prophet. They speak a variety of poems to welcome this noble man. This is where the manifestation of an Islamic state was first established. Muhammad set his power in Medina with his family and his faithful friend who was willing to leave his homeland and his property to his Lord, Islam is a young up the strength to face the power of the Quraysh at any time ready to destroy Islam is built, ranging from battle after battle of Badr, Uhud , Trench, who in every war arose Muhammad Al-Washi is always a moral giver to the troops to destroy the pagan Quraysh with a burning faith. At the battle of Badr al-â € ~ washi (â € ~ Ali) and Hamzah appear to face a brave Quraish, in a letter to Muawiyah, â € ~ Ali reminded in the words â € ~ Sword which I use to clean your grandfather of the mother (Utbah, father of Mrs. Hind Muawiyah), your uncle from the mother (Walid bin Uthbah) and your brother (Hanzalah) are still available to me. At the battle of Uhud the Prophet, and Hamzah and again â € ~ Ali was never Absent, â € ~ Ali is the standard bearer in every battle. The Prophet said the punch â € ~ Ali at war Trench (trench) â € "also called Ahzab â €" to â € ~ â € ~ Amar bin Abdiwad it, â €? Value than all the sacrifices that the followers of good works, because as a result of the defeat was the greatest hero of the Muslim infidels to be honored and the infidels into disgrace and humiliation ".

V. Fort of Khaibar

In the war of Khaibar when the Muslims slack spirit and feel unable to destroy the fort of Khaibar, the people waited with anxiety and fear, because Abu Bakr and Umar previously none was able to destroy the fort, even â € ~ Umar praised the courage leader castle, Marhab , which amazingly, and the commanders of the Islamic prophet disappointed by the statement â € ~ Umar this.
Silence of the people are waiting nervously broken by the words of the Prophet, â €?  € ~ Where is Ali? â € œ was reported to him that â € ~ Ali suffered from sore eyes and was resting in a corner. The Prophet said, â €? Call dia.â €? â € ~ Ali transported by camel and down in front of the tent Nabi.â €? This statement shows such a serious illness until his eyes could not walk. Rubbed his hands to the eyes of the prophet â € ~ Ali as he prayed.  € ~ Ali's eyes was fully recovered and never ill again throughout his life. The Prophet ordered the â € ~ Ali forward, according to the history of the castle door Khaibar was made of stone, 60 inches in length, and width of 30 inches. Citing the story of the castle door Khaibar's revocation of â € ~ Ali through special channels, â €? I pull out the door and the Khaibar use it as a shield. After the battle, I use it as a bridge in the trenches dug Yahudi.â €? Someone asked him, â €? Do you feel the weight?  €? â € ~ Ali replied, â €? I feel the same weight with the shield saya.â €? There are many other events other than war against the Quraish depravity, there are many exciting events, wedding events such as al-Washi and Fatimah, daughter of the Prophet, change of direction from the Bait al-Maqdis to KAA € ™ bah in Mecca. In addition to attacks from outside the city of Medina, the Jews inside the city has always tried to do the undermining of the rule of Islam that is still young, but have determined the concept of a divine drama is different, although they tried to extinguish the light of his nur, but he continues to illuminate the Nur His light, though the unbelievers hate it.

VI. Fath Makkah
Eighth year of Hijrah, the agreement Hudaibiyah betrayed by the people of Quraysh Mecca, the Prophet immediately issue a general alert orders. He prepared a large army which had never witnessed his prowess over the years. When the troops were equipped and ready to move, the Prophet also said that the goal is to Mecca. Troops move like a flock of migrating birds heading south. The Prophet ordered his troops, amounting to 10,000 people to divide themselves, and light a campfire in the evening to see how big the enemy is the enemy forces.
Near the grave of Abu Tholib and Khodijah located in the back of Mecca, the Muslims made the dome to the Prophet. Of the dome is carefully observing the Prophet of Islam that forces flow into the city from four directions.
Mecca ... Silent in front of the Prophet and his supporters. Yes Mecca is no longer called for silence and shouts € ™ AUN-Fira Fira € ™ Aun, replaced by 10 000 soldiers frenzied Muslim voice that echoed as if he were waiting for the arrival of his friend
The cave was first looked at the person who is in his stomach in a state that has now displaced stood at attention with the dashing and surrounded by tens of thousands of followers and defenders.
The Prophet entered Mecca and bertawaf, destroying the idols with al-Washi, no blood shed. The Quraysh in Makkah who were waiting for the lips of Muhammad say about them, what will happen to them, but those lips are so precious to impose punishment, he gives to those who've fight forgiveness and he said â € œ ... Go on, you all are the ones who liberated!  €?Now, in Shafa, a man who has made history that has been returned, standing in front of a full life with a variety of events and a hand clutched a glorious future. Suburbs for twenty years can never stop, he never felt tired, patience is so high, never give up. People â € "the Quraysh overcrowded in the hills Safa to give Baa € ™ IAT.
After the conquest of Mecca, there are still some great battle continues â € "during the lifetime of the Prophet - that Hunain, Tabuk. Al-Washi performed with valor in this battle, after making a mess enemy, al-washi immediately rushed to join the Prophet, he circled the Prophet, and burst chop enemies to protect the Prophet, and at other times to meet the enemy soldiers who ran and block the pursuit of the enemy. After that back around the Prophet. The Prophet summoned his friends who ran disintegrated â € œ Ayyuhan Nas, going where are you?  €? O ye who participated Baia € ™ at al-Ridwan! Oh, the people who revealed to him al-Baqarah! O ye who berbaiat under a tree ...! the people of Medina who bravely immediately aware of them! And remember that until now they are the backbone of the Prophet. Now, the Prophet called them in the middle of the 12,000 soldiers, two thousand of them are the relatives. They immediately rushed to the Prophet welcomed his call with, â € œLabbaik, Labbaik ... We come, we come ...!  €?
Islamic forces again won the battle, individual role in communicating the message of Muhammad masterpiece has been completed, and now â € "not â €" do not have to look at the troops, for the umpteenth time, to remember and remember the lessons that have been given for twenty-three years, so on can be re-examined mengevaluasidan.

VII. Farewell Hajj

Eleventh year of Hijrah, the first pilgrimage of the Prophet and the Muslims with no one else musrik participate in it, for the first time, more than 10,000 people gathered in and around Medina, the Prophet came with a trip to Mecca, and .. well this is the last pilgrimage made by Prophet. Group of 25 pilgrims left Medina Dzulqaâ € ™ Idah, the Prophet with all his wives, stay one night at the Al-Hulaifah Dzi, then do Ihram along the dawn, and began to move ... all fields are filled with the echo of their voices saying, â €? Labbaik, Allahumma labaik ... Labbaik, syarika laka la,! I come at your summons, o God, my God, I come thy summons. No partner to You ... Labbaik, I come at thy call. All praise, pleasure, and the empire, just for you. No partner for Thee ... Labbaik, I came to the call of thy ... â €? The sky, until that day, had never seen on earth as it is at that time. More than 100,000 people, men and women â € "under the sting of a very hot sun and in the desert who had never known people â €" a move towards one direction. This field is the most beautiful painting of the colors that adorn human life. And history, is a shackled old man in the service of interests. He is a storyteller who read the tale-tale Fira € ™ Aun, Khusraw and the Emperor. History once saw Muhammad and the people who moved with him to wonder! Very strange. What is this force? Commander foot fatigue, and his followers were as well. The Prophet was walking with his people. History did hear that â € œpenguasaâ €? It was in the midst of the troops, but when he sought, he could not find it. The Company entered Mecca 4 Hijjah, there has been gathered Allah, Ibrahim, KAA € ™ bah and Muhammad. He also wanted to show to Abraham, that his great work, we have delivered to the mean.
The sun right in the middle of the afternoon. As if he spilled all over the memakar cahayannya on the head of everyone. The Prophet stood up in front of more than 100,000 people. Men and women who surrounded him. The Prophet began his speech, Muhammad correctly said, â €? Do you know what month it is? Â €?
They replied in unison, â €? Month Haram! Â €? .....
... Â €?? Ayyuhan Nas, mark my words carefully. Because, I do not know, maybe I'll see you again after this year, in this place, forever ... Ayyuhan Nas, real blood and treasure is unclean to you until you meet your Lord as diharamkannya day and this bulanmu. After that, all you will meet your Lord and asked about charity-amalmu. Really, I have to say this. So, anyone who still has a mandate, should be submitted to the people who deserve it ..... â €?
Shirk roots were eliminated from Mecca, and Mecca became a holy city for Muslims, where the gathering of Muslims from around the world, using the same clothes, to the Lord, there is no distinction, whether rich, poor, kings, people, everything equal before God, which distinguishes it is piety.
Muhammad has done its job, and now he is in bed, the Prophet opened his eyes and said to his daughter in a low voice â € œMuhammad is nothing but a Prophet, indeed some people have passed away before Prophet. If he dies or is killed will you turn back? Anyone who comes back, it will not bring harm to God at all, and God will reward those who bersyukurâ €
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