Monday, July 16, 2012


CITY ORIGIN JAMBILong ago on the island of Sumatra there is a beautiful girl bernamaPutri Pinang Cook. Princess is known for its pinkish-white kecantikannya.Kulitnya as the name suggests, is like a ripe kulitpinang. Who would have looked terpesona.Akan However, not only because of the outward beauty of self ituyang girl made her famous, but also because of its akanselalu like it. The women and girls want bersahabatdengannya fellow, while the young men and princes inginmempersuntingnya. However, so far he had not intended berumhtangga.Pada one day, came the proposal of the famous king kayaraya and enormous power. Terutamadari sources of oil wealth, if the application was rejected of course the king will murka.Mungkin war disaster will occur. Though the king's daughter did not like it pinangmasak. That said, because the king was looking ripe areca buruk.Putri his mind. How can the king of bad mengagalkanlamaran rupa.Maka he said to the messenger, 'All right, I thank tapidengan application of two terms. First, the king must be able membuatkanistana these beautiful furniture in just waktusatu night. Start the evening until you hear the chicken-sahutan.μ berkokokbersahut 'the second, if the king failed to qualify first, then handed iaharus wealth and his kingdom to the king agreed terms saya.Ternyata it because he sangatmencintai princess nut cooking.
Majesty began to collect folk and carpentry expert. Bukanhanya the artisan in his kingdom. He even hired and paid the price of foreign artisans are available to help. It did not matter, he is nonetheless a rich king. The builders were in the palace perintahkanbekerja quickly as it should be completed in waktusatu malam.Putri ripe areca worry. Though demand untukmembuat sat night in the palace was a sought-caribelaka reasons. So that the king did not marry her. Apparently, the king was a desperate daritimur. When the day finished early in the morning ituhampir palace, lubricate saja.Baginda just very excited. A city has muncu thy place suddenly. In contrast, very sad princess nut cooking. He could not sleep that night. His heart was deeply troubled. He continued to seek common intention untukmenggagalkan timur.Tiba king of the blue, the daughter of ripe areca gets resourceful. He went to the chicken coops. A very bright light mounted on the chicken coops. The chickens thought Taleh noon today. Punlangsung they repeatedly crowed. King and the people who sedangbekerja terkejut.Dengan very heavy heart the king said to the people and paratukang, 'already, stop this job! Μ'mengapa, the king? Did not we almost finished the job? Μtanya one soerang workers. 'Really say. But, we've lost. In the agreement, the court inisudah must be completed before the rooster crows, μ said Baginda.Pekerjaan terminated with very forced. The tukangbangunan back to their country in the east. However, Bagindamasih stand in the place. His heart was broken.
Ripe areca daughter came to see him. 'Sire, you have failed to meet my requirements. Is this going istanayang unfinished destroyed again? ΜSesuai the agreement has made the entire property harusmenyerahkan king and his kingdom. Since then, the country was renamed negeritimur princess nut cooking. Gadiscantik became king in the land. The people of the land as the land of the country lainmenyebutnya nut. Areca nut is a Pimple dalambahasa Java, then the king as the king of the Javanese royal menyebutnyadengan Pimple. Long as the Pimple berubahmenjadi jambi.Demikianla designation of origin jambi.
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